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America MQ2
Community Prosperity Program

Each Community's Program Begins with the Following Initiatives:

America MQ2 Community Prosperity Assessment
We start with the current status of the community, creating a comprehensive assessment of the current condition of the Pillars of Prosperity and all the resources available to the community – including federal and state initiatives like opportunity zones.​ Using the Prosperity Assessment data, we will develop a blueprint for each community that will include:

America MQ2 Community Center
Establish a suite of capabilities to act as a community "center of gravity" for education, job training, entrepreneurship, financing, and citizen engagement. Using existing and repurposed assets, (such as bank branches), web presence, physical newspaper, and mobile app we will have the ability to both listen and provide vital information to guide the overall effort.
America MQ2 Community Prosperity Focus Areas
Using the Prosperity Assessment and the resources of the Community center the Comunity Prosperity Program will address: